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Pip is the Founder of Hearsay – a cloud-based productivity tool that makes your important workplace meetings, work better. It is designed to make the meetings you are already having, more efficient, more productive and more connected … and ultimately more joyful.  She is also the CEO of BrandHook, a brand & cx consultancy that launched in 2006, sits on the Board of Dandenong Market, the Xolvit Advisory Board and is a Business Mentor for Rare Birds.


She is passionate about helping businesses get closer to their customers through the concept of thick data as a way to drive their competitive edge. She has worked with clients like AMP, Coles, The Country Road Group, 2XU, Vicinity Centres, CUB, Treasury Wine Estates, Museum Victoria, Melbourne Zoos, the Vic Gov, T2, Equity Trustees, Tangerine, Bega Foods and Mondo Energy.

Pip also works with executive teams to drive more value out of their customer and brand experiences.  She sits on the Board of the Dandenong Market and is a Business Mentor for RareBirds.  In 2017 was voted by Twitter Australia as #4 of Top 10 Twitter accounts to follow and has in 2020 was shortlisted for the PauseFest Unexpected Twist Award for a great pivot.

She is a regular contributor to business publications, is regularly asked to speak at marketing conferences, mentors other female and tech founders and studied Marketing and Psychology at Monash University.

Get your business ready for the Entrepreneurial Consumer

As consumers take control of their relationships with brands, what we’re seeing is the emergence of “The Entrepreneurial Consumer”. These consumers like to solve their own problems, rely on their network to make the best decision, want to be included and collaborate, and finally they negotiate to get the best value.

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This keynote will provide useful learnings about “The Entrepreneurial Consumer”.

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    Working with BrandHook

    We are passionate about helping brands create powerful and connected customer experiences by getting intimate with their customers. We know that a brand gains a real competitive edge when they get this right.

    To help our clients build those great customer experiences we anchor our thinking in an ethnographical approach. We take you and your business into the world of your customer – their homes, the way they shop – with particular interest in the role that your brand plays in their lives. Participating in, rather than spying on people, changes the whole investigative process which means we find the gaps, the disconnects and the things that keep coming up that don’t always make sense. We learn as much from what isn’t said, as what is.

    This market orientation and ethnographic approach unearths a more powerful customer insight and helps to find those brand hooks that build a powerful brand and customer experience.

    We are focused on helping our clients understand their customers and brand in 7 different ways:

    • In home immersions
    • In store safari’s
    • Digital ethnography
    • Human centred innovation
    • Brand purpose crystalisation
    • Customer experience mapping
    • Customer experience score development

    Working with Pip Stocks

    According to PWC’s 2017 CEO Study, 79% of CEOs are concerned about changing customer behaviours with customer experience being the number one activity CEO’s are planning to drive growth from. I am working with CEOs and their senior executive teams to help them drive more value out their customer and brand experience.  Here is how I can help:

    Entrepreneurial Advisor
    I work with CEOs and executive teams to review their strategic plans and ensure that the hypothesis of customer and brand are correct. Adding in my knowledge of customer experience helps tighten up your competitive edge.
    Startup Guide
    Working with the founders of a new businesses, I add structure and process into their brand and customer conversations. Building on the current growth plan, I can help deliver rigor, tighten up the brand positioning and provide clarity to your customer insights.
    Marketing Strategy Workshops
    Unpacking the knowledge of your executive teams to build the hypothesis about your brand, customer and marketing opportunities is key. The outputs from these full day workshops are then interpreted into your Strategic Plan and delivered to a board with aligned thinking, team collaboration and previously untapped intelligence.
    Brand Experience Operationalisation
    Actioning your customer insight programs inside the business is key to bringing your customer to life for all. My job is help your business build those processes so you can enjoy everyone is on board with the customer insight and learnings.

    My Side Hustles

    Polly Logo
    Polly, launched in partnership with us and The Royals uses a chatbot interface delivered via Facebook Messenger to recruit people to respond to research questions directly on their phone – while they are out shopping, on a night out or hanging out on their couch at home.  In other words, going about their daily lives.

    By taking the research out of manufactured environments, Polly allows brands to gather real insights from real people in real time. The tool has many applications and is completely customisable to suit individual project objectives.

    Clients can choose to recruit research participants for each individual project, or use Polly’s ever-expanding consumer panel, dissected across demographic or lifestage lines to suit their needs.

    Pip’s Blog, Podcasts & Articles

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    How do you teach your board about their ethical obligations? Just get them face to face with your customers.

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